• Breastfeeding 101

    1 video

    Our Breastfeeding 101 course covers all of the basics of breastfeeding from different nursing positions, to getting a proper latch, establishing milk supply, and navigating common issues that can arise when starting your nursing relationship.

  • Preparing For Postpartum Series

    4 videos

    In this four part series, our Nurse Midwife, Georgia Noonan walks you through the physical changes that occur in your body postpartum, supplies to have on hand for a smoother initial postpartum recovery, caring for your stitches or c-section site, and other ways to promote the healing process. Yo...

  • Guide To Healthy Infant Sleep

    1 video

    Sleep Expert, Heidi Lovens has created a comprehensive guide to newborn & infant sleep that will help parents to form a health sleep foundation for their babies. Inside you will find age appropriate awake times, soothing techniques, sleepy cues, how to deal with sleep regressions and more.