• Prenatal LUNA Fusion

    5 videos

    Our signature LUNA Fusion class is a high intensity, low impact total body workout will provide you with a safe, sweaty, highly effective, yet still challenging way to exercise throughout your pregnancy and train smarter for birth! We combine larger compound exercises with intervals of smaller, i...

  • Prenatal LUNA Barre

    5 videos

    LUNA Barre is our own strategic approach to Barre fitness. We have created a highly effective workout that combines elements of pilates, strength training, cardio, and yoga. With a strong focus on correct pelvic floor & core integration, dynamic breath led movement, & proper alignment our LUNA Ba...

  • Prenatal Mama Strong

    4 videos

    Our signature Mama Strong class focuses on building strength from the inside out, leaving you feeling strong and empowered in YOUR body. Using heavier weights (5-8 lb hand weights & 15 lb kettlebells) as well as resistance, we will guide you through a series of full body strength training circuit...

  • PHIIT Mama
    3 videos

    PHIIT Mama

    3 videos

    This class is The LUNA Method's exclusive approach to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that is Pre & Postnatal safe! (hence the "P" in PHIIT) This is a fun, fast paced, highly effective, & challenging workout specifically designed to get your heart rate up & your muscles burning all while ...